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This is an exciting trip to an unspoiled place. You’ll catch variety of unusual gamefish here. Coiba is far away, yet we make it quick and easy to be here. Catch fish, relax in comfort and return home refreshed, as easily as you arrived.

Three hours from Miami, Panama City is a clean, safe and modern city. All major hotels are here, this is an international banking & shipping center. Fine restaurants, excellent shopping malls & a unique, safe & fun nightlife. Americans are particularly liked and welcome here, you’ll feel it anywhere you go.



Island Scenes

Piper Seneca - Coiba IslandYou are going to catch a-lot-of-fish, all sorts of different fish. You’ll be fishing where, still today relatively few have fished before. With exception to Hannibal Bank & Isla Montousa, the whole area receives nearly no fishing pressure, sport or commercial.

There’s practically no one here. Chances are you won’t see another boat while out fishing. It’s too difficult to be way out here. No marinas, fuel, ice, houses, villages... Just islands.

There is no place else in the world like this, words can’t describe what it is to be surrounded by so many living things. The tropics hold the most biodiversity, Coiba is a world renowned treasury of biodiversity. All the creatures that were here on and around these islands a hundred years ago, still are. Fishing here is an excuse for being on an extreme eco tour.

This is a fine quality fishing adventure. We can whisk you through the airport in an impressive way and have you flying again in under 30 minutes, off over the Panama Canal on a 1 hour flight here to Coiba.

We are a small charter outfit with excellent quality staff. Eva & Andrea prepare & serve our meals from fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood, fish and the best cuts of meat. These women are calm, pleasant and efficient. Expect courteous assistance, wholesome food, clean rooms, daily laundry and tranquil atmosphere.Captain Tom has been guiding anglers here 23 years.

Coiba Adventure Sport Fishing

Panama Fishing Charter 31' Bertman fishing boat

Black Marlin & big Yellowfin Tuna are what draw most anglers to us, but there is much more to this unique fishing adventure. Unlike other world famous fishing destinations, there is practically no one here. Roosterfish, Cubera Snapper, Wahoo, Snook and dozens of other exotic gamefish thrive in this fantastically beautiful tropical island paradise.

The 31’ Bertram “Joker” is the perfect boat to fish these waters. It’s feels like a bigger boat with ample space to spread out in the shade and plenty of area to fish in the cockpit. She rides smooth, clean & quite at 22 knots and is fully rigged with everything necessary to make the most out of whatever fishing opportunity we might encounter.
The Joker’ wide beam and twin inboard diesel engines make quick work of a marlin battle, you’ll fight your fish close to the boat. The Joker can efficiently fish in 3 feet of water or 300 fathoms. It’s the boat you want to be on around here, for sure.

You can’t possibly beat our location. We lodge on Isla Coiba inside the national park, here where all the fish still remain. No need to make long runs before fishing, the fish are right here. To fish for marlin & big tuna, the Hannibal Bank is only 14 miles off Coiba. The island is so large, in case of inclement weather we can always catch gamefish in calm water on the leeward side.

The captain, 54 year old American Tom Yust has been guiding anglers from Isla Coiba since 1991. Twenty-three years lends a lot of local fishing knowledge to your chances for success. After a quarter century in the same place, he’s got a good feel for when, where and how to comfortably catch more and bigger fish. As an owner operator, the captain has a very sincere concern toward your fishing experience. Your fishing vacation is very valuable time, trust it to a proven professional.

Anytime of year the fish are here. While we often have better overall offshore fishing in the winter months with more Blue Marlin, Dorado, Sailfish & Tuna, inshore fishing is reliably good year-round, possibly best in summer months. Black Marlin get caught any month and seem biggest during summer months. Big Yellowfin Tuna are here in masses most of February through August. Sea conditions suit the 31 Bertram just fine.

We fish as many as five guests on the Joker, and up to three anglers on our 22’ Mako. We accept groups up to eight, but normally fish only one party of four each week.

Call US 800-800-0907 / 314-566-8555 Book your charter with Jessica, the captains daughter.

Coiba Adventure Sport Fishing Vacations - Best Black Marlin Fishing Destination in the Americas!

Tom’s local knowledge insures you will be fishing in the right spots, the right way, at the right time for the fish you are after. Juan the first mate is the best you will ever see work a cockpit. Always thinking two steps ahead, quick moving, never stopping, always polite and safety conscious. Juan is a fishing machine. Second Mate Kevin is entering his second year training. A young man of good character & good sense of humor working hard to keep up with Juan. Both mates maintain a cheerful, positive atmosphere in the cockpit. The crew are adult professionals who appreciate the privilege to display their talents in such a magnificent setting.