Blacktip Shark

Little ones like this are very common and take small rapallas trolled near shore. Big ones are super- big gamefish, every bit as tough as a marlin.

black tip sharp panama sport fishing

We’ve caught several big ones over 200 lb. and I can’t find a photograph to prove it, since the battle usually ends with a broken leader at the boat or it’s become night time by the time we get it.

More often they break off in the first five seconds. Big blacktips rocket themselves up at our live bonitos drifting for cubera & almaco jacks.

They attack and come ten feet clear out of the water, spinning several times, wrapping themselves in the line. It happens so fast, the 100lb line gets wrapped around the sharks dental dermal skin and breaks under drag. The trick would be to back off the drag at the moment you see a jumping shark. It’s always a surprise.

Big Blacktips bite at the end of the day and will take at least 40 minutes of tough, hard fighting to bring in. Nothing sluggish or boring about this shark.

Blacktips can live up to twelve years

blacktip shark coiba island fishing