Blue Runner

We call them blue runners, but they are actually green jacks. This is a prime bait for most everything.
Smaller the better, bigger blue runners rarely get bit. Bigger ones are better gutted, scaled & scored, then fried fresh, whole... delicious!

blue runner game fish coiba island

A bait well full of Blue Runners is a beautiful thing. One of the best ways to fill the tank is to go out and fish at night over a rock w/ lights, However that takes some extra effort after a long day of fishing.

Sabiki rigs trolled while inshore fishing for other species is our more common way of picking up blue runners. When we spot a school feeding on the surface, then casting sabikis becomes the method. Jigging sabikis while drift fishing over structure is often worth the effort. The very best way is to net them up off floating logs while tuna are attacking them.

A small live blue runner trolled or dropped on the right spot, is going to get nailed, for sure.