Bluefin Trevally

What a beautiful fish this one is. Bluefin Trevally are a common catch while casting top- water plugs at the shoreline. They often hunt in schools, they look black from the surface when they are turned on and feeding in shallow water. A normal sized Bluefin Trevally is around ten pounds, real nice, but we some that look like eighteen or twenty pounds on live green jacks.


We catch them mostly while trolling swimming plugs near shore. I like to troll two small rapallas behind the Mako and have two anglers casting at the shoreline at the same time. You’ll see all sorts of species this way and you’re likely to catch many Bluefin Trevally.

Aggressive predator, cruises reefs & shorelines in packs and will compete with companions to nail your popper or fly. Bluefin Trevally are a common catch.

A 14 inch fish is about two years old. A 32 inch fish is 12 years old.

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