Bottlenose Dolphin

Usually they are too smart to get hooked, but there are at least a half dozen of these and a couple of spotted porpoise wearing my circle hooks. I just get the boat as close as possible, quickly, then cut the leader.

Every marlin fisherman fishing on the Hannibal Bank or Zane Gray reef near TSL hate these dolphins.

They hate them because the dolphins have learned to pluck live baits off without getting hooked themselves. They will do it every time they arrive on the bank, to every boat in the area, except us, aboard the "Joker"


Not our problem, because we have ADD. (Anti-Dolphin-Device) It is a secret. And when you fish with us, you'll be sworn to secrecy as others before you. When we put on the ADD, dolphins stay away from our baits, but marlin, big yellowfin, sails & dorado gobble up our bait without hesitation.

Bottlenose dolphins ball up bonito on the bank, real tight, then blast through them. Black Marlin feed right in there as well. You want your bait swimming right in near the bait ball.

Without a proper A. D. D. the habituated bottlenose are going to steal your precious bait before a marlin ever sees it.

You will love to see Bottlenose Dolphins. They will clear obnoxious outboard center console boats (mosquito boats) off the bank quicker than VHF radio report of tuna. The outboard fleet new to Hannibal Bank over the past eight years, (thanks to dot.coms) lives by the radio and nothing they like better than escaping the pressure of marlin fishing to pick up and run with the gang in pursuit of easy tuna. Dear God, May they never learn of our ADD. God bless those big dolphins and to hell with center console outboard boats marlin fishing.