Cubera, Pacific Dogtooth Snapper

Biggest snapper in the world. Massive, powerful, intelligent, delicious and plentiful here around Coiba. It’s body shape is classic, like a crappie or black bass only enormous.

cubera snapper

Hundreds or more of these big gamefish have been released from the “Joker”. I’ve got the techniques worked out. We get big ones right next to shore, out off wash rocks, and over deep water structure. Casting plugs, trolling plugs, dropping dead bait, dropping live bait, trolling live bait. You want a photograph of yourself holding this classic gamefish? Even if you are here for a black marlin, we can always squeeze a half hour near the end of the day on the way back to camp to fight one or two big cubera snapper

Cuberas are slow growing, long living fish. They may live over 50 years. All Cuberas any size should be released unharmed. Yet once in a while, one winds up bonked on the head, filleted, deep fried on a toasted bun with lettuce, tomato, onion & tarter sauce. The head & skeleton wind up in pot to make an excellent fresh fish chowder with cilantro & hot sauce!