Golden Trevally

An unusual looking fish, it extends it’s lips forward and down to suck prey out of the sand or rocks. Very powerful on light tackle and tastes excellent. Inshore, shallow water.

golden trevally game fish coiba island

Another great gamefish, Golden Trevally are powerful fighters, great looking and taste fabulous. They are an inshore fish, only catch them in shallower water. A fairly common catch, we pick them up while variety fishing from the 22’ Mako, usually on a small rapalla.

I’d call this fish exotic trophy species. They have a weird looking mouth, sort of like a Hoover vacuum cleaner, I’ve watched them while snorkeling, they blow out holes in the sand with that tubular set of lips, I suppose to root out crabs & shrimp. It seems odd they would take a shallow running little rapalla, when their mouths look designed for bottom feeding.

Golden Trevally small fry hang around the mouths of Goliath Grouper & Whale Sharks.

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