The Roosterfish fits the definition of exotic gamefish. Casting a topwater plug nearshore and hooking a 30 lb. Rooster is about as fun as inshore fishing can get. Roosterfish may be found feeding in shallow water. The attack is violent, the hookup is powerful, the run is unpredictable. Roosters may jump after hookup then run zig zagging, possibly changing course and swim rapidly toward you. A true trophy catch and a great fish to mount.


Grilled Rooster fillets are delicious, beautiful meat, tastes like sirloin steak. Sashimi and soup are excellent, but we rarely get to eat one. They are true trophy fish and we take care to release. Still, once in a while, a big one dies on us. Sort of sad but, not so bad. Must be a very healthy fish to consume.

You can catch roosters all around the island of Coiba. We use live bait off the outriggers, it normally won’t take long to get a strike. It’s a common treat to pick up a big Roosterfish on the way back to camp after a day of marlin fishing.

All tackle record is 114 pounds. We catch fish up to 80 pounds. A 50 pound Roosterfish is not an uncommon catch but certainly unforgettable.

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