Skipjack Tuna

Six to ten pound marlin bait extraordinaire. Trouble is skipjack won’t live long in a tuna tube. Always on the lookout for this bait. Little birds give them away, cedar plugs pick them up. Either fish them on the spot where caught or carry them to another spot if within under seven or eight minutes.

skipjack tuna

You only need one. With one skipjack out off the outrigger fished in the correct area trolling in the correct direction, Marlin attack is imminent. Just keep you eye on that bait... it’s going to get it.

Skipjack is the “chunk light tuna” in cans. Often used as sashimi. Stocks are on rapid decline world wide, because of purse seiners. Panama has outlawed purse seiners, so I’m waiting to see the mega schools of fifteen years ago return again.

Short lived & fast growing. Skipjack live three years. Skipjacks are very fast & powerful when hooked up. Skipjack are fine sportfish and tasty food, but much more than that... a skipjack tuna is your ticket to the marlin show.