Barred Snapper

Fine looking snapper, common catch while trolling inshore or drift fishing in deeper water. An abundant, strong fighter. The meat is a bit tough compared to other snappers.

barred snapper gamefish coiba island fishing

Mangrove Snapper

Honestly I’m not sure what kind of snapper this is. It looks like a big mangrove snapper, we catch this fish regularly around the mangroves. It varies in color. In researching mangrove snappers it seems they are an Atlantic fish. Bonefish, ladyfish & tarpon are too, yet have transplanted themselves here, so who knows.

mangrove snapper coiba island gamefish

Mullet Snapper

Plentiful, large schools containing hundreds of mullet snapper circle over many deep water rocks off the islands and over the Hannibal Bank. Good chance of hooking one on a topwater plug when casted while we are drift fishing big live bait for cubera snapper. Common catch with chunk bait and smaller live baits.

Mullet Snapper Gamefish Panama Sport fishing

Pacific Red Snapper

Mostly only caught at night. Sometimes, normally during the dry season, we get them during the day while drifting chunks or live small baits over structure that comes out of 200 - 300 feet of water. Of course they are delicious, targeted commercially and overfished during spawning periods. When our government gets around to closing snapper breeding spots, as I believe they someday will, maybe these will come back like our Dorado are beginning to.

red snapper

Silk Snapper

The yellow iris differentiates a silk snapper from a American red snapper. This is very high quality snapper meat, freezes for months and still tastes fresh. Silk snappers were targeted here on the Hannibal Bank by commercial hand line fisherman for years, a dozen or more boats fishing at night during January & February. They must have been spawning, since now, they appear to be overfished. Silk snapper are a short lived species with a maximum age of 3 - 6 years.

We still catch them with chunk bait or blue runners and usually keep one because they taste really good.

Yellow Snapper

Common inshore catch while trolling small rapallas. Everybody loves a snapper.