You don’t need to bring much in the way of gear or clothing. We provide all the tackle and drinks. You only need a few changes of clothing, sunglasses, camera, I-pod & personal items. You should be able to fit it in one soft sided bag. We will wash your clothes when you need it. We won’t charge you for it either. You won’t reach for your wallet the entire time you are in our care except to tip the crew when it’s time to return from where you came.

Since we only cater to private parties, you can call the shots on what we will eat & drink while you are here. Just let us know what you like and we will do our best to have it here for you. Otherwise plan on breakfast to order, imported beers, bottled water, sandwiches, pasta or potato salads on the boat, top shelf open bar, appetizers and fresh caught fish dinners and desert. Our kitchen staff will feed you well.

We don’t have mosquitos. We sometimes, not always get no-see-ums. Not a problem. We light some mosquito coils around the table at dinner and put a can of OFF at the bar, and that takes care of that.

We have masks, snorkels & fins for you, even weight belts & wet suites. We’ve a couple sit-on-top kayaks to tool around in. You don’t need to worry about anything. Just pick your week, send your money, pack a bag and go. Wahooo!

Travel & Outfitting

Coiba Island Sport FishingGetting here is easy. Three hours from Miami you’ll arrive into Panama City Panama, Tocumen International Airport where airport hostesses will greet you as you disembark the airliner. Hand them your passport & baggage claim tickets.

The ladies will escort you as a diplomat, past customs & immigration to a private lounge. Here you may relax with a cocktail as they have your passport stamped in, retrieve your baggage and have it loaded on our plane. You will never stand in line or carry a bag as long as you are with us.

Within half an hour of your arrival, you will be back in the air, flying over the Panama Canal on a 75 minute flight to land here, on Isla de Coiba.

You will have landed on the east side of the island in former prison camp where Captain Tom will be waiting for you. Porters will carry your baggage to the beach then load it in the boat for a 1/2 hour run to the camp.

The camp was originally Club Pacifico, a famous fishing lodge built by Bob Griffin. Today it serves as headquarters for the national park service. We reserve cabins here for you and improve them with our own furnishings to assure your comfort. The cabins are air-conditioned and comfortable. You will sleep well.

Note: Cell phone won’t work here. Can’t get an e-mail either. We have a satellite phone to use in emergencies. If you can’t stay out of touch, bring an Iridium phone. Global Star won’t work.